In mid-December, the North American Wetlands Conservation Council and staff toured wetland restoration work in coastal Texas.

The Council had the opportunity to see some great wetland projects that were put in place by DU and the Texas Prairie Wetland Project (TPWP) partnership. Cooperators discussed how the TPWP and NAWCA have helped them improve and manage their habitat. A scenic view from the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge tower ended the day. Throughout the tour, several whooping cranes were sighted. DU, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department staff organized the tour to show off some of our collaborative conservation successes.

"The Council members on the field trip were very impressed with the quality and importance of the habitats in an otherwise dry region," said Scott Yaich, DU Director of Conservation Operations. "The passion and commitment of the landowners to restore and manage these habitats was obvious, and made the Council feel good about the investments of NAWCA funds in these and similar projects."

DU Manager of Conservation Programs Dr. Todd Merendino had dinner that evening with a couple of NAWCA staff and council folks and had a great discussion about how our various partner organizations, agencies, and cooperators work together with the Gulf Coast Joint Venture to put science-based habitat projects on the ground.