Ducks Unlimited International Programs

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Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU) has long recognized that maintaining North America's waterfowl populations requires conservation well beyond U.S. borders. Indeed, migratory birds present one of the greatest conservation challenges on Earth. Responsible stewardship of these species often requires conservation of habitats from the boreal forest of Canada to the tropical mangrove swamps of Venezuela and numerous points between and beyond.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

DU secures and enhances waterfowl breeding habitats in Canada, through our sister organization, DU Canada. Much of this habitat serves as upland cover, essential for successful reproduction in prairie-nesting waterfowl.

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Ducks Unlimited de México

Ducks Unlimited de México (DUMAC) has restored and enhanced more than 1.9 million acres throughout Mexico in areas that are important for wintering waterfowl and other wetland-dependent species.

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Wetland Care Australia

In October 1991, inspired by the conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited Canada and recognizing the need for wetlands conservation in Australia, a group of concerned citizens formed Ducks Unlimited Australia. The name was changed to Wetland Care Australia in 1996 but the mission remained the same: to restore, create, conserve and manage Australia's wetland habitats and dependent species.

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