Ducks Unlimited and its partners began work at Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area in 1990, with the restoration of 47 acres of wetlands. Table Mountain boasts several semi-permanent and seasonal wetlands that host hundreds of thousands of migrating birds annually. Among those are nine quality waterfowl ponds and small marshlands that cover 590 acres.

Table Mountain's robust vegetation community provides winter cover for pheasants and other wildlife, while the rich aquatic environment provides abundant invertebrates for nourishing migrating waterfowl during their long journeys. Other bird species such as American bitterns, great blue herons, marsh hawks, American white pelicans, western grebes and bald eagles also frequent the Table Mountain area.

Operated and managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Table Mountain offers hunters the chance to pursue waterfowl, cranes, deer and ring-necked pheasant. The high-quality uplands and extensive wetland improvements on Table Mountain make this one of the most important waterfowl habitat areas in southeastern Wyoming.

Partners: Wyoming Game and Fish Department; Ducks Unlimited