Purpose: To acquire and protect 12,630 acres of forested wetlands habitat adjacent to the Mobile-Tensaw Delta WMA. Ducks Unlimited helped its partners acquire 4 tracts of land, totaling 12,630 over the course of 5 years. This project provides valuable foraging habitat to migrating and wintering waterfowl along the Mobile and Tensaw Rivers. In addition, forested wetlands provide benefits to white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and numerous species of wading birds and neotropical migrant songbirds. These tracts are dominated by forested wetlands largely comprised of tupelo/cypress communities, as well as oak communities along the rivers? natural levees, which are interspersed by small areas of scrub/shrub and freshwater wetlands. This project will enlarge the W.L. Holland WMA and be managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to maintain high quality bottomland hardwood habitat for waterfowl and big game species, while providing public hunting opportunities.

Location: Approx.10 miles west of Bay Minette, AL (Baldwin County)

Acres Impacted: 12,630 acres

Habitat Type: Forested Wetlands

Partners: Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust
Nature Conservancy of Alabama
Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Timeline: Acquisition was completed in summer 1999

DU Contact: Craig Hilburn
Manager of Conservation Programs,