Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and the surrounding New York State Department of Environmental Conservation lands are the most important migratory stopover points for waterfowl in western New York. The refuge is managed for high-quality wetland habitat, and Ducks Unlimited has been involved in Iroquois NWR habitat restoration enhancement projects for years.

The Cayuga Pool, a 675-acre unit within the refuge and the site of the Hazard Campbell dedication ceremony in May, was the focus of additional DU support this year when one of the water-control structures needed to be replaced. The structure, dating back to the tenure of past refuge manager and current DU staffer Ray Whittemore, had reached the end of its life span and was limiting the ability of the refuge manager Tom Roster and biologist Paul Hess to optimize habitat quality in the marsh. DU partnered with the Friends of Iroquois NWR to provide the funds necessary to replace the water-control structure. Completed prior to fall migration, the structure is now providing full management capability and benefiting the tens of thousands of ducks and geese that utilize the area each year.