The Volta Wildlife Area plays an important role in supporting waterfowl in the San Joaquin Valley. Ducks Unlimited has recognized this and has completed seven habitat conservation projects at Volta, totaling more than 8,000 acres. The radial gate project, which was completed in 2003, repaired one of the main water structures that affected the management of more than 5,800 acres of waterfowl habitat on the Wildlife Area and other surrounding waterfowl areas.

The old radial gate structure was failing. The new structure is built to last.

By repairing the radial gates necessary to make water deliveries directly to wetlands on Volta's fields 11, 12, 13 and 26, this project improved habitat management capabilities not only on Volta lands, but also on other nearby private wetlands in the Grasslands Water District. As with many of Ducks Unlimited's projects in the San Joaquin Valley, repairing or replacing water control infrastructure can benefit a very large amount of waterfowl habitat with only minimal on-the-ground improvements.

Field 12 at Volta WA is an important area for waterfowl in the Grasslands region.