A group of DU Legacy Greenwings and their families gathered last July on Mad Island Wildlife Management Area (WMA) near Matagorda to dedicate Texas's third Legacy Greenwing project. Following the dedication, Matt Nelson, leader of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's (TPWD) Central Coast Wetlands Ecosystem Project, led the Legacy Greenwings and their families on a tour of this wetland-enhancement project. Mad Island WMA is an important public hunting area for Texas waterfowlers, including many DU staff and volunteers.

DU senior regional director Tim Soderquist, who organized the dedication event, worked on Mad Island WMA many years ago as a seasonal employee for the TPWD. "Sometimes projects like this one have such tangible ties to passing on our hunting traditions to the next generation that you just have to take a moment, stand in awe, and appreciate the depth of that legacy," Soderquist said.