The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has long recognized the importance of waterfowl production in Canada to its state's waterfowlers, contributing to waterfowl conservation on the Canadian prairies since 1992.

In October, DU staff gave TWRA commissioners Julie Schuster, Jeff McMillin, Jim Bledsoe, Jeff Griggs, and William Brown, along with TWRA Director Ed Carter, a guided tour of DU Canada projects in Saskatchewan. The tour gave these agency officials an opportunity to see exactly what the TWRA's state grant investments are doing for ducks and, ultimately, for Tennessee sportsmen. This group was pleased with the visible results of their state grant investments and DU's efforts to conserve breeding habitats vital to the waterfowl that migrate to Tennessee each year.

During the past 19 years, the TWRA has contributed more than $2.7 million-including $40,000 in 2011-to this effort. TWRA state grant contributions provide crucial seed money that is used to leverage additional funding for Canadian waterfowl habitat conservation projects. In just the past five years, DU Canada has conserved, enhanced, or restored 49,788 acres and positively influenced an additional 208,480 acres with the support of the TWRA.