Purpose: To restore 260 acres of freshwater wetlands on Peach Point WMA through construction of levees and installation of several water control structures. Enhancements associated with this project include: construction of 3,000 feet of earthen levee, installation of 48 inch water control structures, construction of 180 feet of reinforced concrete emergency spillway, and 1 mile of canal excavation to provide water management capabilities. The freshwater impoundment will directly benefit wintering ducks and geese, as well as breeding mottled ducks. This project is managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to maintain high quality wetland habitat for wintering waterfowl, while providing additional duck hunting opportunities.

Location: Approx. 1 miles southeast of Jones Creek, TX (Brazoria County)

Acres Impacted: 260 acres

Habitat Type: Emergent Freshwater Wetland

Partners: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Ducks Unlimited, Inc
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Timeline: Construction was completed in fall 1990

DU Contact:

Keith McKnight
Regional Biologist
1620 FM 2218
Richmond, TX 77469
(832) 595-0663