The Summer Lake Basin attracts more than half of the continental population of Tule greater white-fronted geese and 40 percent of the Wrangle Island snow goose population. It provides as many as 5 million duck-use and 4 million goose-use days annually.

Since 2003, DU has completed four projects benefiting more than 3,500 acres, and two current projects will enhance another 2,800 acres. The projects involve restoration, rejuvenation and enhancement of the wetlands involved. The goal is to increase habitat for migrating waterfowl while continuing to support nearly 7,000 pairs of breeding ducks and 500 pairs of Canada geese.

Summer Lake Basin is a lush paradise for waterfowl, other wildlife, nature lovers, birdwatchers, campers and sportsmen.

This project was funded in part by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant.

Partners: Oregon Department of Fish Wildlife, U.S. Fish Wildlife Service, North American Wetlands Conservation Council, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, North American Wetlands Conservation Council, Oregon Hunters Association, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Fort Rock/Silver Lake Soil and Water Conservation District, Summer Lake Irrigation District and Ducks Unlimited