Ducks Unlimited recently began work on a three-phase project to improve more than 300 acres of waterfowl habitat on Waurika Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in southern Oklahoma. Components of this project include stream restoration, moist-soil enhancement, and installation of a new pump to facilitate water management.

The stream restoration portion of this project will reestablish the natural meandering stream corridor of a portion of Little Beaver Creek, which had been channelized and straightened. This work is part of mitigation efforts associated with construction of State Highway 53 and will help maintain local groundwater levels and enhance adjacent wetlands for waterfowl and other wildlife. The moist-soil component will enhance approximately 100 acres of waterfowl habitat via installation of water-control structures, construction of levees, and excavation of sloughs and ponds. Waurika WMA is managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to provide public hunting opportunities for waterfowlers.