The Deep Fork River floodplain is a biologically diverse area of great value to a variety of migrating and wintering waterfowl utilizing the Central Flyway. As part of the Deep Fork Unit Green Tree Project inside Eufaula Wildlife Management Area, Ducks Unlimited and its partners enhanced 700 acres of bottomland hardwood forest in the floodplain by increasing water-management capabilities on each of the WMA's four green-tree reservoir units, installing pipelines and a pump station for water delivery and installing several water-control structures.

Migrating and wintering mallards and breeding and wintering wood ducks are among the waterfowl species that benefit most from this enhancement project. Management of oak species and aquatic invertebrates also enhances waterfowl foraging values in the area.

With 85 percent of Oklahoma's bottomland hardwood forest system lost, the Deep Fork Unit Green Tree Project provides quality waterfowl and wildlife habitat, new public hunting opportunities and important water quality and flood protection values for local communities.

Partners: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Harold C. Stuart family, NatureWorks Inc. and Ducks Unlimited