Purpose: Through this project partners restored prior converted agricultural land to managed emergent wetlands for wintering waterfowl in the North River floodplain of Northeastern North Carolina. Ditching, draining, and clearing of hardwood swamps for agriculture purposes have drastically altered this river system. This project, along with other conservation efforts funded by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant, will begin to compensate for changes in wetland function that have been detrimental to migratory bird populations. Waterfowl that will benefit from this project include pintails, mallards, black ducks, lesser scaup, and Southern James Bay Canada geese. Other bird species benefiting include little blue heron, northern parula, and Swainson's warbler. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission will manage the property to benefit waterfowl and will allow public use of the area including hunting.

Location: Camden County, Approximately 14 miles northeast of Elizabeth City, NC

Acres Impacted: 53 acres of wetlands

Habitat Type: Emergent wetlands, moist-soil habitat

Partners: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, North American Wetlands Conservation Council, North Carolina Attorney General's Environmental Enhancement Grant Program, and Ducks Unlimited

Timeline: Project was completed in April 2006

DU Contact: Craig LeSchack
Director of Conservation Programs
3294 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Suite 1-F
North Charleston, SC 29418