Ducks Unlmited recently completed water delivery enhancement work on the North Grasslands Wildlife Area's (WA) Salt Slough Unit. This effort was part of DU's Grasslands Ecological Area - Phase 3 North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant activities, which improved habitat at the Salt Slough Unit of North Grasslands WA, Mendota WA, Los Banos WA and Volta WA, as well as at several ducks clubs in the Grasslands Water District.

The North Grasslands Wildlife Area Salt Slough water delivery project involved rehabilitating the water delivery system to the Salt Slough Unit and to the Los Banos Wildlife Area. The effort improved the water management capabilities of an existing lift pump and installed a new system of delivery pipes. Upon completion, the project led to the enhancement of 795 acres of seasonal and semipermanent wetlands habitat on the Salt Slough Unit of the North Grasslands Wildlife Area, as well as 75 acres of wetlands and 175 acres of managed uplands habitat on the Los Banos Wildlife Area.

The new Salt Slough pump set up. The new water delivery pipeline.