Acres impacted: 600 acres

Habitat type: Acquisition and enhancement of moist-soil wetlands, flooded agricultural crops, semi-permanent ponds for submersed aquatics and flooded bottomland hardwood timber

Importance to waterfowl locally, regionally and/or continentally: Swans, Canada geese, mallards, black ducks, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, ring-necked ducks, wood ducks, wading birds and shorebirds all benefit from this project.

Importance to people (hunters, bird watchers, etc): One of the premier waterfowl hunting and viewing areas in the state.

General description of the work undertaken: Establish 540 acres of moist soil wetlands and enhance 60 acres of forested wetlands by installing 18,000 linear feet of levee, 25 water control structures, 6 drop-pipe structures, 12-inch deep well and 2 relift pumps.

Partners: Ducks Unlimited, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Agency and North American Wetlands Conservation Council