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In the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Franklin Parker Preserve (FPP) project is the largest Wetlands Reserve Program project in New Jersey. Ducks Unlimited partnered with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to restore 1,100 acres of agriculturally modified wetlands at the Franklin Parker Preserve. New Jersey Conservation Foundation purchased the property in 2004 to protect its critical natural resources.

DU provided survey, design and construction management of several large wetland complexes within FPP. Construction was completed in 2011. A series of water-control structures, ditch plugs and diversions will restore hydrology to the site and provide long-term management capability.

The FPP project is the largest Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) site in the state. WRP is part of the Farm Bill and allows landowners to volunteer property to protect, restore and enhance the wetlands on it.

Franklin Parker Preserve also offers a network of paths for hiking, biking, horseback riding and bird watching. It is a very popular canoeing and fishing destination.

Partners: New Jersey Conservation Foundation, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Ducks Unlimited