The Grasslands Ecological Area, or just the Grasslands, is the largest single block of wetlands remaining in California. Here, the many state, federal, and private land managers support over 1 million wintering waterfowl. Mud Slough is the main water drainage system for many private landowners (primarily duck clubs). However, this important waterway was severely silted in and often flooded club houses and roads.

Mud Slough before. Mud Slough after.

Water drainage was quite slow and limited wetland managers in their ability to provide high quality wetland habitats for waterfowl. Ducks Unlimited developed a plan that would drastically change Mud Slough and allow it to fulfill its full potential for water conveyance. Working with 15 separate landowners, DU cleaned, re-contoured, and improved nearly 4 miles of the slough. This project was completed in 2004 and has made marked improvements on how wetlands are now managed on over 5,300 acres.