Purpose: To replace failing infrastructure and improve habitat management capabilities of the area. The improvements at Malmaison WMA began with the renovation of levees, removal of existing pipes and installation of new water control structures. The size of the new pipes was increased over existing pipes in order to improve the managers' ability to drain the impoundment. Another major project component was the installation of rock riprap armored spillways. The area is subject to frequent backwater flooding from the Yalobusha River in winter months. This condition has created erosion problems on the area. The erosion has limited the amount of habitat that can be flooded and made management of the area more difficult. The armored spillways will help to alleviate those problems by allowing water levels to equalize during severe flood events and by reducing maintenance problems caused by the erosion. The remainder of the renovation work includes installation of remaining pipes and water control structures and installation of a new water well to supplement the existing wells, allowing for more efficient flooding of the unit in the fall.

Riprap armored spillway to reduce erosion. New water control structures improve management abilities.

Location: Approximately 12 miles north of Greenwood, MS

Acres Impacted: 1000 acres

Habitat Type:
flooded green timber, cypress/tupelo lined oxbow lakes, flooded food plots with moist soil vegetation

Ducks Unlimited, Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, NAWCA

Timeline: Construction will be completed fall of 2008.