Purpose: To construct a rock weir along Rattlesnake Island Bayou, thus enhancing 600 acres of brackish marsh and submerged aquatics on Mad Island WMA. This project will involve backfilling Rattlesnake Island Bayou with oyster shells to mean high tide levels. Reduction of tidal energy will aid in restoration of the original brackish/intermediate marsh plant communities that once existed in the area. Submerged aquatics will proliferate as a result of enhancement efforts, thus attracting numerous duck species including gadwall, wigeon, green-winged teal, pintails, and mottled ducks. This project is managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to maintain high quality wetland habitat for wintering waterfowl, while providing additional duck hunting opportunities.

Location: Approx. 25 miles southwest of Bay City, TX (Matagorda County)

Acres Impacted: 600 acres

Habitat Type: Brackish/Intermediate Marsh
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Partners: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Timeline: Construction was completed in fall 2001

DU Contact:

Keith McKnight
Regional Biologist
1620 FM 2218
Richmond, TX 77469
(832) 595-0663