Todd Sedwick's Loudoun County farm, a short distance away from Leesburg and the roar of Dulles airport, has increasingly become a haven for waterfowl and other wildlife. Construction will soon be complete on a 20-acre wetland restoration project on this property. The site, which was previously a poorly drained crop field, will be restored through the construction of a low-level berm, ditch plugs, and the installation of water control structures.

The project will complement an adjacent 15-acre wetland restoration project completed in winter 2000, as well as the 15,418 linear feet of stream bank and 20 acres of tree seedling planted in a recent riparian buffer restoration project. Mr. Sedgwick has also donated a conservation easement to DU on the property. When you walk next to the restored wetlands on the property and are greeted with the sounds of the Canada geese feeding nosily and the whirring wings of the wood ducks, it's easy to see the potential of the Potomac River Watershed.