Ducks Unlimited has successfully constructed a shoreline protection project along the bank line of Lost Lake in Terrebonne Parish. The project was accomplished using Wave Attenuation Devices (WADs) which are precast concrete structures designed to protect and restore shorelines while also providing wildlife and fishery habitat.

The project started in 2015 when 423 WADs were constructed and installed to protect 1,300 linear feet of shoreline. In 2018, the manufacturer of the WADs (Living Shoreline Solutions) donated 156 units to Ducks Unlimited to be added to the Lost Lake Project. In April 2018, DU hired a contractor (Leblanc Marine) to install the additional units and increase the project footprint by an additional 500 linear feet.

Lost Lake has experienced dramatic shoreline erosion due to wind induced wave action. Portions of the lake have experienced an erosion rate of greater than 20 feet per year. Since 2015, the WADs have reduced wave action, lessened shoreline erosion, protected/enhanced shallow water habitats and interior marsh, and provided greater resilience during storm events. This project was accomplished thanks to a partnership that included Ducks Unlimited, ConocoPhillips, and Living Shoreline Solutions.