Purpose: To enhance water management on 900 acres of wetlands on Lick Creek WMA through the repair and enhancement of levees and theaddition of new water control structure and re-lift pumps. During the last 8-10 years the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has acquired approximately 1,600 acres of land in the Lick Creek floodplain. The land was historically farmedandprone to flooding. TWRA designated 500 acres of this property as the Lick Creek Waterfowl Refuge. The remainder of the propertywas established as the Lick Creek WMA andincludes 450 acres of wetlands open to public waterfowl hunting. Once restoration is complete, Lick Creek WMA and Waterfowl Refuge will bemanaged for moist-soil vegetation, seasonally flooded agricultural fields and forested wetlands.

Location: The project is located in eastern Tennessee near Midway

Acres Impacted: 900 acres

Habitat Types: Moist-Soil Wetlands and Flooded Agricultural Crops

Partners: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency andDucks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: Construction began in the summer of 2007