Purpose: To provide habitat for breeding, migrating and wintering waterfowl through construction of a dike and installation of a water control structure, thus enhancing 6 acres of wetlands habitat on Johns River Waterfowl Area. In addition, native tame grasses were planted on 51 acres and nesting structures were erected as part of this project. This project is managed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Location: The project is located at the confluence of Johns River and Rhodhiss Lake in Burke County approximately 3 miles northeast of Morganton, NC.

Acres Impacted: 57 acres

Habitat Types: Moist-soil Wetlands
Upland Grasses with Waterfowl Nesting Structures

Partners: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: The project was completed in fall 1993

DU Contact:

Craig LeSchack

Director of Conservation Programs
South Atlantic Field Office
3896 Leeds Ave.
Charleston, SC 29405