Purpose: To acquire by fee simple purchase, a 600-acre tract of bottomland and associated uplands in the Johns River Basin. This project afforded DU the opportunity to partner with the NCWRC in the protection of approximately 600 acres of prior converted agricultural fields located in the floodplain of the Catawba River in Burke County. The property will be managed by the NCWRC under conservation guidelines to protect significant natural resources and to enhance wildlife and fisheries habitat. Opportunities for public recreation will be provided in the form of regulated hunting, trapping and fishing. The area is important for many types of recreation such as hunting (especially waterfowl hunting), fishing, hiking, bird watching, photography and nature study.

Location: Approx. 3 miles north of Morgantown, Burke County, North Carolina

Acres Impacted: 600 acres

Habitat Type: Emergent Wetlands
Prior Converted Agricultural Fields

Partners: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: Acquisition was completed in May 2006

DU Contact: Craig LeSchack
Director of Conservation Programs
3294 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Suite 1-F
North Charleston, SC 29418