Purpose: To restore 18 acres of moist-soil habitat on Henderson Island WMA through construction of an exterior levee and installation of several water control structures. In addition, a 6" well was installed to provide a dependable source of water during fall migration. The objective was to create a moist-soil impoundment adjacent to Douglas Reservoir, because shallow wetlands are rare in this region. Past observations indicate that large concentrations of waterfowl, primarily Canada geese, use this area when water and food conditions are suitable. The area is managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to provide quality wintering habitat for waterfowl.

Location: The project is located on Douglas Reservoir in Jefferson County approximately 2 miles south of Dandridge, TN.

Acres Impacted: 18 acres

Habitat Types: Moist-soil Wetlands

Partners: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: Construction was completed in February 1991