Ducks Unlimited has submitted a $250,000 proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for a freshwater-introduction project in southeast Louisiana. This proposed project will restore fresh water and sediment inputs on more than 1,500 acres of coastal marsh in Terrebonne Parish. Six miles of existing canals will be used to deliver fresh water, nutrients, and sediments from the Atchafalaya River and Bayou Penchant to the project area. A water-control structure will be designed and installed to control salinity and maximize freshwater flows. DU's partners in this project include the Louisiana Land and Exploration Company and NOAA.

More Wetland Restoration Work Completed in Arkansas

Ducks Unlimited partnered with the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore nearly 300 acres of moist-soil habitat on the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge's Plunkett Rest Area and Dixie Farms Hunt Area. Improved levees and new water-control structures will allow refuge staff to more effectively manage moist-soil habitat on the Plunkett Rest Area. Similar work at the Dixie Farms Hunt Area will improve two existing moist-soil units and add a new unit that will be open to public hunting.

In another recently completed project, DU, the NAWCC, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission restored hydrology on approximately 125 acres at Lee Leblanc Rest Area on Black Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA). This WMA is located adjacent to the Cache River NWR and is a popular public hunting area. Restoration work included the installation of new water-control structures, a new electric pump, and power line.

In more good news for Arkansas waterfowlers, DU and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) have completed habitat enhancement plans on three popular Arkansas WMAs-Raft Creek, Bell Slough, and Frog Bayou. DU worked with the NRCS for several years to secure funding for this important work, which will begin in 2013.