The Freshwater Bayou North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant provides for the restoration and enhancement of two tracts in coastal Louisiana. The first is the Freshwater Bayou Tract in Vermilion Parish along the western shoreline of the Freshwater Bayou Navigation Channel. As a result of the navigation channel, the wetland hydrology has been compromised and the area has suffered shoreline erosion and marsh loss resulting from the constant passage of large sea-going vessels. Restoration work was completed in October 2016 and restored the hydrologic integrity of this tract and complemented other efforts to stabilize the shoreline of the navigation channel.

The F.R. Ranch Tract is in Cameron Parish, approximately 11 miles west of Hackberry and adjacent to the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. This tract has suffered primarily from saltwater intrusion. The new infrastructure will allow for the management of water and salinity levels in the unit, which will restore desirable plant communities. This portion of the project was completed in 2017.