Purpose: Fountain Grove is a 50-year old Conservation Area (CA) with ageing infrastructure (levees, water control structures, canals and pumps) that is no longer sufficient to effectively manage the area's wetlands. Ducks Unlimited teamed up with the Missouri Department of Conservation to help restore Fountain Grove CA as part of Missouri's Golden Anniversary Wetland Initiative. This is a two phase renovation project. During Phase I, partners improved the water distribution system of the three main pools on the area. In addition, interior and exterior levees were built to help reduce silt loads received during flood events while maintaining a functional connection with the Grand River floodplain. Phase II is currently ongoing and plans include installation of a new pump station on the Grand River, additional renovation to levees, replacement of water control structures and reclamation of wetlands along Parsons Creek.

Location: South of Meadville, Missouri in Linn and Livingston counties.

Acres Impacted: Phase I - 2,069 acres
Phase II - 1,400 acres

Habitat Type: Moist-soil, emergent wetlands, wet prairie, bottomland hardwoods

Partners: Ducks Unlimited, Missouri Department of Conservation, North American Wetlands Conservation Council, Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation, August A. Busch Jr. Memorial Tribute, Golden Anniversary Wetlands Initiative

Timeline: Phase I was completed in early summer 2006. Phase II was initiated in 2007 and completed in 2008.