Ducks Unlimited and partners from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Jefferson County gathered in 2012 to install a new sign and rededicate a wetlands enhancement project on Florida's Lake Miccosukee in celebration of DU's 75th Anniversary.

Lake Miccosukee, a 6,312-acre Jefferson County lake west of Monticello, is managed by the FWC and the Northwest Florida Water Management District to maintain high-quality wetland habitat for waterfowl while also providing public hunting opportunities.

"Lake Miccosukee is an important wintering area for ring-necked ducks in the Atlantic Flyway," said Craig LeSchack, DU director of conservation programs. "The area also provides brood-rearing habitat for wood ducks and some of the finest duck hunting opportunities in northern Florida."

Lake Miccosukee Project Details:

Purpose: A fixed-crest weir with a screw gate exists on the south end of Lake Miccosukee. This water control structure was designed to maintain suitable lake levels and allow for periodic management drawdowns of the lake. Seepage erosion caused the gate portion of the structure to collapse, rendering it inoperable. This project funded repair work on the structure to enhance water management capability on the lake. Water level management on this lake maximizes the availability of wetland habitat and provides for periodic drawdowns.

Acres Impacted: 6,312 acres

Habitat Type: Emergent Marsh, Aquatic Vegetation

Partners: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Suwannee River Water Management District &Ducks Unlimited, Inc