BISMARCK, N.D. August 17, 2022 For generations, landowners and residents of the Sunflower State have struggled with too much, not enough, or unclean water. The Kansas Water Initiative (KWI) is a new Ducks Unlimited (DU) habitat delivery and fundraising opportunity that aims to alleviate several of those water problems.

Central Kansas is home to one of the most important migratory bird complexes in North America, but it is also an area dominated by crops and ranching, which makes water a precious resource. To offset issues, DU is working with area producers to improve water availability, while removing invasive plant species that can deplete waterways and the underlying aquifer.

Western Kansas is known as the playa region. These shallow, depressional wetlands dot the landscape and are critical for recharging aquifers. DU's work focuses on restoring degraded playas by removing sediment and planting native grassland buffers that will improve water quality and provide important wildlife habitat.

Eastern Kansas, the most populated region in the state, suffers from water quality and flooding issues. To help, DU is implementing conservation practices along the areas many rivers and streams to reduce sediment and pollutants from entering waterways. So far, DU has reduced the number of blue-green algae blooms and improved water quality in places that depend on it for drinking or recreation.

"The Kansas Water Initiative focuses on more than just waterfowl habitat. These projects will improve water quality and quantity, mitigate floods and deliver win-win scenarios for farmers, ranchers, and other landowners across the state," said DU CEO Adam Putman, "Whats more, the program aims to deliver custom solutions because water needs vary so much across Kansas."

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