Miller Project Map

Miller Project Tribute Dinner

The tribute project to Doug Miller will be on the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. Farmington Bay is one of the premier public waterfowl areas in Utah and is a fitting place to commemorate Doug's passion for the outdoors and the outdoorsman, especially waterfowlers. The project will take place on and just to the northwest of the Crystal Unit, consist of several components including creation of a new management unit, improvement of existing wetland habitats for waterfowl, and improvement of existing water management infrastructure. The project is being planned by DU biologist Jeff McCreary and Farmington Bay WMA manager Rich Hansen.

Project Goals:

  1. Increase overall waterfowl and wetland habitat at Farmington Bay WMA.
  2. Improve habitat management capabilities in the Crystal Units.

Project Details:

  • Create a new management unit called the "Miller Unit" by constructing a new ~5,000' long dike from the SW corner of the Turpin Unit to the NW corner of the South Crystal Unit.
  • Create interior potholes and swales within the North Crystal and East Crystal Units.
  • Install several additional outlet structures in the East Crystal and North Crystal Units, and new inlet and outlet structures for the Miller Unit.
  • Replace failing main water supply for the East Crystal and North Crystal Units.
  • Total Acreage: 960 acres (370 acres Miller Unit, 175 acres North Crystal Unit, 415 acres East Crystal Unit)

Project Timeline:

  • Fall 2007 - Phragmites control and burn
  • Fall 2007 - Topographic survey of project areas