Ducks Unlimited and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources proved teamwork was essential to the successful restoration and management of an important waterfowl habitat in western Kentucky.

The Ballard County Wildlife Management Area is owned by the KDFWR. As part of Ballard's continued management plan, KDFWR recognized the need for several wetland enhancement projects on the area.

DU was able to help with one of those projects, known as the Terrel Fields East and West (Cook Slough) Units. Prior to this project, the Terrel Units were primarily used for agriculture because no water control structures or earthen levees were available to manage the units as shallow water wetlands.

Based on conservation partner support coupled with the funds provided by DU Major Donors and Legacy Greenwings, that is no longer the case today.

Ducks Unlimited and the KDFWR worked together and used donated dollars as match to secure a $75,000 North American Wetland Conservation Act grant. These combined funds were used to enhance 168 acres of palustrine emergent wetland habitat within the two units. On-the-ground construction focused on installing low profile berms, water control structures and a new deep well and pipe for water delivery to the newly enhanced units.

This project has directly increased KDFWR's ability to enhance wintering waterfowl habitat on the wildlife management area and has improved the overall waterfowl carrying capacity within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.

Completion of the project was celebrated with a dedication ceremony Oct. 26, 2014 at Ballard.