Ducks Unlimited celebrated the successful management of northwest Wisconsin wildlife areas during a dedication ceremony Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. The dedication happened at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, which is part of Ducks Unlimited's Big Rivers Initiatives.

Crex is a 30,000-acre managed wildlife area that is home to more than 270 species of birds, more than 85 species of butterflies and 720 species of plants. A variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects also reside here.

The celebration Sept. 19 commemorated past successes and also a commitment to future of conserving, restoring and managing this incredible area that is critical to waterfowl, other wildlife and people.

Originally part of the Wisconsin Pine Barrens, it's now the state's largest remaining portion of this globally endangered ecosystem. Rare sedge marsh and brush prairie habitats make it a utopia for wildlife and make Crex a destination for bird watchers, hunters, naturalists and botanists.

Success in managing this landscape is made possible thanks to the partnerships between organizations and state and federal governments, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Friends of Crex Meadows and Ducks Unlimited.

The ceremony will was at Reisinger Overlook at Crex Meadows. The Crex Meadows Visitor Center is located at 102 East Crex Ave., Grantsburg, Wisc.