BOWMAN, N.D. Ducks Unlimited (DU) engineers completed repairs on a 58-acre wetland impoundment on the Alkali Creek Wildlife Management Area, near Bowman, North Dakota. The property is managed by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGFD).

DU originally developed the impoundment to provide habitat for waterfowl breeding pairs and broods, but many other varieties of wetland life benefit, including great blue herons and egrets, and marsh birds, like American bitterns, willets and marbled godwits.

DU partnered with NDGFD for the repairs, which were funded by a grant from the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

A dam and water control structure were constructed in 1994 to create the wetland. Since then, wave action eroded a small portion of the embankment face and sediment clogged the water control structure's inlet pipe. DU engineers added rock rip-rap to the eroded portion of the embankment and installed a new, slotted inlet pipe enveloped in engineered rock gradations to inhibit future clogging.

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Jennifer P. Kross