New levee on Cypress Bayou tract of Delta National Forest

Purpose: To enhance 18-acre scrub/shrub impoundment on Delta National Forest installation of a new water control structure and construction of a new levee. The new water control structure is comprised of a 30-inch pipe, 63 feet in length with a full round riser. Heavy rock was added to the levee to stop erosion from winter flooding. This project provides valuable foraging habitat to migrating and wintering waterfowl within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Mallards and wood ducks will be the primary waterfowl species that benefit from this project.

Location: Delta National Forest (Sharkey County, MS)

Acres Impacted: 18 acres

Habitat Type: seasonally flooded scrub/shrub

Partners: U.S. Forest Service
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Construction was completed in fall 2008