Ducks Unlimited and United Water and Sanitation District recently worked together to develop the 50-acre Haren Wetland Recharge Project near the South Platte River in southern Weld County. With funding from the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, DU designed the project and United Water and Sanitation District completed the construction. The Haren project will help meet the residential and commercial water needs of many Front Range communities while providing important migration habitat for waterfowl.

"This project would not have been completed without United Water and Sanitation District's visionary leadership," said Greg Kernohan, DU's manager of conservation programs in Colorado.

"The Haren project offered a great opportunity to work with several water providers in the middle South Platte to meet our client's needs," said Ron von Lembke, United Water and Sanitation District's chief operating officer. "We also got the chance to work with national leaders in wetlands and wildlife conservation to demonstrate that water projects can be integrated with the environment to support wildlife and local agricultural economies."