Ducks Unlimited is wrapping up the construction and planting of 60,000 linear feet of marsh terraces in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, as part of the Island Road Terracing Project. This project will restore nearly 800 acres of coastal marsh adjacent to Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area.

Construction of marsh terraces is a common wetland restoration technique in coastal Louisiana. Using soil from the project site, engineers build long linear segments of marsh. The segments are aligned to reduce wave energy, and thus erosion of the existing shoreline. The reduced energy creates calm water suitable for the growth of submerged aquatic vegetation, a vital source of food for waterfowl and cover for aquatic organisms.

Funding partners for the Island Road Terracing Project include the North American Wetlands Conservation Council, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government, Louisiana Land and Exploration, Lafourche Parish Government, United Houma Nation, Bayou Grace, Restore or Retreat, and Ducks Unlimited.