Purpose: To enhance 3,700 acres of waterfowl habitat on Camden WMA by raising an existing external levee to its original grade of 364 feet and raising the spillway elevation to 363 feet, thus improving management capabilities on the area for waterfowl and wetland species. Camden WMA is one of Tennessee's premier public waterfowl hunting areas and attracts over 200,000 waterfowl annually. Management efforts consist of annual fall/winter flooding of live timber, moist-soil vegetation, and agricultural crops for migrating waterfowl. The area is managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to provide quality wintering habitat for waterfowl and offer additional waterfowl hunting opportunities.

Location: The project is located near the Tennessee NWR in Benton County approximately 6 miles east of Camden, TN.

Acres Impacted: 3,700 acres

Habitat Types: Forested Wetlands (2,000 ac)
Seasonally Flooded Agricultural Fields (1,000 ac)
Moist-Soil Wetlands (700 ac)

Partners: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Tennessee Valley Authority

Timeline: Construction was completed in January 1997