Purpose: To restore 40 acres of moist-soil habitat on Buffalo Lake NWR through construction of internal levees and installation of several water control structures. The project area has a dependable source of water, a well is in place and water rights have been obtained. This project will create five waterfowl impoundments that enhance management capabilities adjacent to Buffalo Lake. Water levels within each impoundment will be manipulated to produce moist-soil vegetation. Habitat availability is often limiting to waterfowl populations in the Playa region; reliable water will make this project very attractive to migrating waterfowl. This project is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain high quality wetland habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl.

Location: Approx. 25 miles southwest of Amarillo, TX (Randall County)

Acres Impacted: 40 acres

Habitat Type: Moist-soil wetlands

Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ducks Unlimited, Inc
Texas Waterfowlers Association

Timeline: Construction was completed in fall 1998

DU Contact:

Keith McKnight
Regional Biologist
1620 FM 2218
Richmond, TX 77469
(832) 595-0663