Purpose: To provide optimum management capability on an existing 49-acre wetland on Broad River WMA. This project includes the construction of a cross-dike and installation of a water control structure, thus allowing the manager to provide suitable water levels across the entire wetland area. The South Carolina DNR will manage the project primarily for waterfowl with limited hunting opportunities. Species that will benefit from this conservation work include mallards, wood ducks, and green-winged teal. This project contributes directly to the DU mission by providing important habitat for waterfowl that winter and migrate through the South Atlantic region.

Location: Broad River WMA, Fairfield County, South Carolina

Acres Impacted: 49 acres

Habitat Type: Moist-soil Wetlands
Planted Agricultural Crops

Partners: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: Project was completed in September 2005

DU Contact: Craig LeSchack
Director of Conservation Programs
3294 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Suite 1-F
North Charleston, SC 29418