Purpose: The purpose of this project was to restore management capabilities to the Hickory Mound impoundment on Big Bend WMA. Partners constructed two 1,000 foot spillways, replaced five water control structures and reshaped the existing levee between the impoundment and adjacent marshes associated with the Gulf of Mexico. The spillways were constructed using materials that allow equalization of water levels during storm surges. The spillways also serve as an outlet for excess water as a storm surge subsides or after a heavy rain. The re-designed impoundment now allows the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to precisely manipulate water levels and salinities, conduct periodic drawdowns and address problems associated with levee stability. These management activities will enhance habitat for a variety of fish and wildlife species by maintaining emergent vegetation diversity and promoting growth of submersed aquatic vegetation.

Location: Taylor County, approximately 20 miles southwest of Perry, Florida

Acres Impacted: 1,834 acres

Habitat Type: Managed brackish impoundment

Partners: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, North American Wetlands Conservation Council, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Taylor County Board of County Commissioners, and Ducks Unlimited

Timeline: Project was completed in June 2006

DU Contact: Craig LeSchack
Director of Conservation Programs
3294 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Suite 1-F
North Charleston, SC 29418