Purpose: To enhance 45 acres of waterfowl habitat on B.F. Grant WMA through construction of a series of dikes with water control structures across a tributary of Indian Creek. The project consists of a water storage pond, green-tree reservoir, and moist-soil impoundment. Water from the storage pond is used to flood the other two areas in early fall. Oaks and other hardwoods in the green-tree reservoir provide food and cover. The green-tree reservoir and moist-soil impoundment are drained in early spring to prevent loss of trees and allow germination of moist-soil plants. This project will be managed by the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources to provide foraging habitat for migrating and wintering dabbling ducks.

Location: Approx. 7 miles northwest of Eatonton, GA (Putnam County)

Acres Impacted: 45 acres

Habitat Type: Moist-soil Habitat
Bottomland Hardwoods

Partners: University of Georgia, School of Forest Resources
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Timeline: Initial construction was completed in 1988
Phase 2 was completed in 1991

DU Contact: Craig LeSchack
Director of Conservation Programs, Georgia
3896 Leeds Avenue
Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 745-9110