In the last few years, Ducks Unlimited (DU) and partners have restored over 300 acres of wetlands in the Beaver Creek Focus Area in Phillips County. Since the focus area was designated in 1989, the project partners have restored 294 wetland basins totalling over 1,300 wetland acres.

The Beaver Creek Focus Area was selected based on results of previous research efforts indicating high pair densities per wetland-acre (3.1 pairs per wetland acre), high nest success (40-60%), and high productivity (48 broods:100 pairs). The area has been expanded to include Blaine County to accommodate additional landowner interest and to work in other areas which resemble the original focus area.

Wetland establishments have been a high priority since the area contains large tracts of grass to provide ample nesting cover for breeding ducks. To date, 308 reservoirs have been constructed, repaired or enhanced. These reservoirs provide 4,275 acres of wetland habitat. Twelve wetland projects were completed in 2002 totaling 1,326 acres.

The partnership includes the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, North American Wetland Conservation Act and Ducks Unlimited.