Purpose: To restore 225 acres of green-timber habitat on AEDC WMA through construction of an interior cross levee and installation of several water control structures. The objective was to divide the green-timber area into 2 impoundments, thus reducing stress on trees and maximizing waterfowl use of the area. The Hunts Creek Unit is one of three green-timber areas maintained as feeding and resting sites for migrating waterfowl. The area is managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to provide quality wintering habitat for waterfowl and public hunting opportunities.

Location: The project is located on AEDC WMA in Coffey County approximately 3 miles southeast of Manchester, TN.

Acres Impacted: 225 acres

Habitat Types: Forested Wetlands
Bottomland Hardwoods

Partners: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: Construction was completed in February 1996