Purpose: To install marsh terraces on Alligator Slide Lake to reduce wave action and promote establishment of emergent and submergent vegetation. With reduced wind fetch and water turbidity, quality waterfowl foods such as pondweeds and other aquatics can establish and thrive. In addition, the marsh terraces will be vegetated to enhance available food resources and nesting habitat. The Guadalupe Delta Wildlife Management Area is open to public waterfowl hunting.

Location: Guadalupe River Delta (Refugio Calhoun Counties)

Acres Impacted: 150 acres

Habitat: Fresh/Intermediate Marsh

Partners: Texas Parks Wildlife Department
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Timeline: Construction is scheduled for completion by summer 2008

DU Contact:

Keith McKnight
Regional Biologist

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
1620 FM 2218
Richmond, TX 77469
(832) 595-0663