DU Wetland Mitigation


Photo © Michael Furtman

Ducks Unlimited currently has compensatory mitigation credits available in New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont and Mississippi.

DU can provide mitigation solutions for developers of large projects across the country. We are currently working to add additional wetland mitigation bank and in-lieu fee program credits to our inventory. Please contact us for more details. Interested in developing a wetland mitigation project on your land?

What is Mitigation?

In the national goal toward a "no-net-loss" of wetlands and in recognition of societal growth and development needs, compensatory mitigation can offset authorized adverse impacts to wetlands, streams and other aquatic resources. These mostly unavoidable impacts occur when agencies such as state departments of transportation and private developers severely alter or destroy wetlands during construction. Under the Clean Water Act, development and construction projects that impact a wetland are required to mitigate the damage by creating a wetland of equal or greater functioning capacity. Two options exist to provide mitigation for impacts to wetlands:

  1. Developers can purchase mitigation credits from a wetland mitigation bank or in-lieu fee program, or
  2. Developers can mitigate for their own impacts.

Ducks Unlimited's mitigation program can help developers meet their compensatory mitigation requirements.