Climate Change: Additional Resources

DU Magazine Articles

The Ducks Unlimited Magazine has been printing articles about climate change for nearly a decade. Catch up on archived articles that explain how waterfowl and their habitats are impacted by changing climate and how DU conservation efforts will help keep the waterfowl hunting heritage alive.

A Promising Way to Save the Duck Factory
Prairie conservation could figure prominently in future government climate policies
By Dawn Browne

Ducks and Energy
Development of new energy sources could have significant impacts on North America's waterfowl
By Jim Ringelman, Ph.D.

Waterfowl in the Last Frontier
Alaska has experienced a waterfowl population boom, but future development and climate change could threaten the birds and their habitat
By Mark Petrie, Ph.D. and Fritz Reid, Ph.D.

Ducks in a Changing Climate
By Mike Anderson, Ph.D.

A New Vision for Waterfowl
To sustain healthy waterfowl populations in the future, DU must adapt to emerging challenges and increase the scope of its conservation work
By Matt Young

Ducks 2050: What might the coming decades hold for waterfowl and duck hunters?
The prospects are sobering, but if we act now, we can change the future
By Scott Yaich, Ph.D.

Saving Great Lakes Wetlands
Today, vital habitat in this waterfowl-rich region faces a host of threats
By Tina Yerkes, Ph.D.

Wetlands in a Warmer World: How Will Climate Changes Affect Waterfowl?
By Mike Anderson, Ph.D.

DU Publications 

The effects of a changing climate are something DU scientists have been following and researching for over a decade. Several scientific papers have been produced by Ducks Unlimited Inc. and Ducks Unlimited Canada on climate change.

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