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Photo Essay: Greater and Lesser Scaup

Greater and lesser scaup share a number of traits, not the least of which is a distinctive blue bill, from which they derive their popular nickname "bluebills."

Photo Essay: The Redhead

After the canvasback, the redhead is the second largest member of North America's pochards, a family of diving ducks that also includes scaup and ring-necked ducks. As its name indicates, the redhead is named for the drake's striking reddish brown head.

Migration Alert: First Push of Dabblers Hits PA; Divers Delayed

A few weeks ago, much of Pennsylvania awoke to the year's first heavy frost, an event timed in conjunction with a full moon. So my friends and I had high hopes as we entered a public marsh last week, and the thin layer of ice crunching against our knees did little to dampen spirits.

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Photo Essay: The Northern Pintail

In the world of ducks, the northern pintail takes the prize for elegance. Even its nickname—sprig—suggests a certain amount of refinement, as in the sprig of parsley a chef might use to garnish a fancy dish.

Identify Light Goose Conservation Order species

Mike Checkett, DU biologist, provides detailed information on how to identify adult and juvenile birds during the Light Goose Conservation Order.

Blue-winged magic

By Labor Day, large flights of teal are on the move, riding the cool winds of early cold fronts. For waterfowl hunters, the appearance of these swift little ducks is a welcome harbinger of autumn following a long, hot summer. These early migrants are many waterfowler's first opportunities of the season.

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Photo Essay: Wonders of the White Goose

A photographic tribute to North America's magnificent light geese

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Shortcuts to Duck ID

By observing these and other characteristics, you’ll soon distinguish ducks you once thought impossible to identify.

Marsh Watch: Test Your Waterfowl IQ

Test Your Waterfowl IQ!

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