Minnesota Ducks Unlimited Volunteer Spotlight

When you volunteer with Ducks Unlimited, you join a family of conservationists. We come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: a commitment to conservation.

Our reasons for that commitment may vary. Many of us want to preserve our hunting heritage. Others want to see full skies of waterfowl for generations to come. Still others want to conserve the wetlands and special places they've grown to love. No matter why you volunteer with Ducks Unlimited, we're glad to have you on board.

Let us introduce you to a few other dedicated DU volunteers. (And for MN volunteer spotlights from previous years, visit our archive.

Ruth Hoefs - Southeast Region

"I farm," DU volunteer and Heritage Sponsor Ruth Hoefs states proudly.  "I own 350 acres and farm with two others; together we plant 1,200 acres. We have a mix of crops – corn, soybeans, peas, wheat and hay – in an area south of the Twin Cities. We have a mixed herd of beef cattle, brood cows and even some sheep."

Ruth enjoys wildlife almost as much as farming. Her farm is near the Minne-sota River, which is a significant migration corridor for waterfowl. "There is a time and place for cropland and a time and place for potholes," she says. "Too many potholes are being lost. There is a natural balance and when we change it too much there will be less for the future."

Fifteen years ago, Ruth was invited to a DU banquet by a friend. "They were looking for people to volunteer, so I did," Ruth says. "I've enjoyed making many, many friends. I serve as a regional vice-chair in southwest Minnesota, and I'm very proud to be a volunteer."

Ruth is pleased to see others support waterfowl conservation as well.

"There is a family close by that did a DU restoration project on their property," she says. "It is fun to see the projects which are used by all sorts of animals. Fifty years from now I'd like to see more wetlands restored to their natural con-dition. Many help combat climate change naturally. They were meant to be here, so we need to conserve and restore them."

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to join the Ducks Unlimited team?

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For more information about volunteering for Ducks Unlimited in Minnesota, contact:

Scott Chistensen
Volunteer Recruitment Chair
Litchfield, MN

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