New Field Tools for Waterfowlers

By Gary Koehler

Part of the New Gear for Waterfowlers feature in DU Magazine's July/August 2008 issue




Steiner's Wildlife Pro Series

Compact binoculars can be handy for waterfowl hunters. Steiner's Wildlife Pro 12X30, 8.5X26 (1), and 10.5X28 models are powerful and deliver excellent light transmission. Each comes with a case, neoprene strap and a 30-year warranty.






Diamond Sharpener Gives You the Edge

The Model D5F Diamond Sharpener (2) from Eze-Lap has a weatherproof sharpening surface with fine diamond crystals that cut 200 times faster than a conventional stone.









Outfitter Gun Sling Carries the Load



Made of biothane, an all-weather material composed of tough polyester belting encased in synthetic, the Outfitter gun sling (3) boasts 1,500-pound pull strength. This sling, which remains flexible in freezing weather, features an adjustable single-loop design.


Leatherman Vista Provides Multiple Tools

Leatherman's Vista multi-tool (4) is a good fit for blind bags. There are nine tools rolled into one frame, including pruners for cutting vegetation for duck blinds.




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